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Rising Star Recipient 


Madison Cisneros

Rising Star Recipient 


Mariana Allamina

Hi Everyone! My name is Mariana Alamilla and I was this year's Rising Star. I want to start off by saying thank you to the Lake Tahoe Shining Starts nonprofit. It has been an honor to be the recipient of your scholarship this year. The death of Miss Marcia not only shocked me but the entire community of South Lake Tahoe as well. I was not only devastated but left wondering what would happen to the studio I love so much. At the Marcia Sarosik Dance Studio, Marcia had created a second home for all dancers, one in which we could fail and get back up again. Learning that Miss. Ashley would now be owner of The Studio, providing me a sense of relief. At Marcia's service, I had no idea that there was an award to be given out, much less that I would be the recipient. When I was announced the “Rising Star '' I was in shock and speechless at the fact that I was the first to be awarded this honorary title. Through the Lake Tahoe Shining Stars non-profit tuition, conventions, costumes and other expenses that come throughout the dance year were covered. This generous aid is greatly appreciated and has been my motivation through the year. I am truly grateful for what the “Rising Star'' means and hope that the award continues to hold patronage to the Lake Tahoe Shining Stars and The Studio. I am eager to see the advancements and progress The Studio makes in continuing to honor Miss. Marcia and The Studio. Thank you so much, Lake Tahoe Shining Stars, Mrs. Ashley and the teaching staff at The Studio! #Shineon

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